Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Immunisation Package and Cost - KK verus Polyclinic

Most of the children are given vaccinations at polyclinics, much less was heard about vaccinations at KKWH. I stumpled across the bronchure of KKWH giving immunisation and compared with polyclinic vaccination programme.

Three most significant differences between KKWH and polyclinic are:

1. Polyclinic follow the national immunisation schedule and KKWH had similar immunisation schedule. The only question unanswered is why kkwh immunisation schedule miss out oral sabin compared with the national immunisation schedule.

2. At polyclinic, the doctors seeing will be the medical officers which is similar to subsidised ones at KKH. The difference is the cost: $108.50 more for KKH for subsided clinic. If chosen to see a consultant pedatrician during visit, the cost will be more $ 474.25 compared to polyclinics.

3. At polyclinics, there are enhanced immunisation package which 4 doses of 5 in 1 package cost $320 and 6- in 1 package(3 doses of 5 in 1 and 1 dose of 6 in 1) cost $360 as compared to individual vaccines calculations at KKWH.

4. At KKWH, optional chicken pox and Hep A vaccinations can be given.

However,However, However,

If you did the calculations based on individual vaccine according to the KKWH immunisation package,

2 months:  6 in 1( subsidized) - $85(KKWH) each compared to $107( polyclinic)
                Rota virus - $87(kkwh) to $ 90 ( polyclinic)
4 months:  5 in 1( subsdized) - $48 compared to $91(polyclinic)
                Rota virus - $87(kkwh) to $ 90 ( polyclinic)
                Pneumococcal: $102(kkwh) to $160(polyclinic)
6mths-     6 in 1( subsidized) - $85(KKWH) each compared to $107( polyclinic)
               Pneumococcal: $102(kkwh) to $160(polyclinic)
12mths-   Pneumococcal: $102(kkwh) to $160(polyclinic)
15 mths - MMR: $10(kkwh) to $15(polyclinic)
               Chicken pox - $ 50(kkh), ?( polyclinic)
               Hep A- $36(kkwh), ?( polyclinic)
18 mths -  5 in 1( subsdized) - $48 compared to $91(polyclinic)
               Chicken pox - $ 50(kkh), ?( polyclinic)
21 to 24 months - Hep A- $36(kkwh), ?( polyclinic)

In total: $ 1124(kkwh) including chicken pox and hep a vaccine compared to $ 1249 at polyclinics. Savings of $125.

Which is better?? Go polyclinic or KKWH, yet to decide.

Pls take note that Medisave allow Hep B and pneumoccal vaccine at a cap of $300 per year and the remaining vaccinations can claim from Children Develoment Account(CDA) with doctor's consultation.



  1. where did you choose to take up the immunisation in the end?

  2. polyclinic 5-in-1 is now FREE! KKH no fight